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a global leading manufacturer of mixing and kneading machines


Company DIOSNA based in Osnabrück, Germany, is a global leading manufacturer of mixing and kneading machines. Since its establishment in 1885, the company has been producing a wide range of kneaders based on its own state-of-the-art patented technologies, including necessary accessories. It is now a part of a multinational Linxis group focused on supply of process equipment units for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Company DIOSNA CS based in Krásná Lípa was founded on June 3rd, 1993, as a subsidiary of DIOSNA. DIOSNA CS designs and manufactures small and medium-sized kneading machines that meet the highest standards of quality. DIOSNA CS kneaders have been installed at users' or customers' sites on all continents.

Automation division Diosna CS-Automation was founded in 2015 by acquisition of company Nordit s.r.o. Its engineering office based in the very center of Liberec provides a complex design, production, assembly and installation services of electrical and controlling systems, including software development for the entire portfolio of products of the parent company.


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We are gradually expanding our automation team in Liberec

We are providing our team with training in pharma industry

Production of kneaders

Production portfolio of company DIOSNA includes a complete range of kneaders, from laboratory to high-volume kneaders, capable of processing hundreds of kilograms of mixtures in one cycle. Various physical principles and procedures are used for kneading.

All kneading machines are supplied with accessories to achieve maximum integration into production lines. Since its establishment, the company was established as early as in 1885, DIOSNA has been holding a leading position in its field of business on the world market thanks to its indisputably renowned manufacturing tradition and systematic innovations. DIOSNA CS production plant located in Krásná Lípa specializes in the supply of stand-alone kneaders with mixing capacity of 12-240 kg.

Since its establishment, 8,000 kneading machines, that meet the highest standards of quality, have been produced at this plant. At the present time, new models of kneaders, that have been gradually replacing the existing ones since 2018, are being developed here.


The AUTOMATION division provides complex automation for all DIOSNA products, starting from the desired functional analysis, through complex electrical design, to the design of the control system working on the basis of programmable logic controllers, and to software development.

We carry out subsequent implementation, ranging from production of control switching board, through PLC and HMI installation, to putting the system into operation at the customer’s site, and to trial operation assistance and online service support.

For the construction of control systems and drives, we use state-of-the-art Siemens S7-1500 components, programmed through the TIA-Portal software.

Global online technology support and service are built on a cloud-based solution with VPN communication.


Our SERVICE department provides our customers with worldwide support through service interventions in our Diosna systems.

Currently, we mainly operate on the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets, on which is highly appreciated the direct connection between our services and production in Osnabrück, Germany.

We are able to provide a refurbishment, overhaul or a repair service for all Diosna equipment. Our experienced service technicians have a full and top-level training that qualifies them to provide professional service.


Who we are looking for

PLC programmer 

Do you have experience working with PLC’s or would you like to learn and develop new skills working with PLC’s Siemens or Allen-Bradley? Are you willing to communicate with our foreign colleagues in English or German language? Novices or the inexperienced ones will be given an appropriate initial training, most of us started to work here with little or no knowledge of PLC programming.  

We like to travel on business trips on which we take a day or two off to see the beautiful sites of Canada, Japan, Spain, USA or other countries. Actually, that makes us the cheapest travel agency. :-) Our business trips last one or two weeks at the most. We go on business trips roughly three times a year and the rest of the time we work in our office in Liberec. 

Electrical designer

For our customers all over the world, an electrical designer develops and designs electrical machine parts and automated production systems, using the EPLAN Electric P8 platform, with the support of our colleagues in Germany. Therefore, we need you to be able to actively use a foreign language, when communicating with our colleagues.

The introductory training will introduce you to the secrets of kneading systems and fermentation systems. The training will take place both in Liberec and under the supervision of our German colleagues in Germany.

Administrative worker

A well-functioning team cannot work without an excellent background support. Therefore, you need to be creative and know the following: how to run a small office, the basics of accounting, provisions on reimbursement of travel expenses (business travel law), business reporting, fleet management, etc. 

Work with us

If you're truly looking for a work-friendly environment where life is good, why not experience working in a friendly environment of the bakery industry, contrary to stressful work in the automotive sector.

We are always open and willing to come to agreement and strive to maintain professional relations with all our customers.

We will be happy to teach you what you need to know.

We provide regular language courses for our employees twice a week. There is a choice of two languages: English or German.

You will be responsible for your own projects. You can decide for yourself how to approach them.

Our employees are provided with a high degree of freedom during working hours. We are flexible to their needs.

In our young and friendly team we like to hang out outside of work.

You can participate in making decisions relating to the heading of the company and come up with new ideas.

We are creating a modern workplace equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, take advantage of our dining area when you feel like having a cup of good coffee. 


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